Product Care, Information & Display

Practical tips on how to display, store and care for your Homemade Bliss™ products

Here are several tips to help you turn over consistently high quantities of our brownies, cakes, cookies, slices and tarts and keep your customers coming back every week for years on end:

  • Customers buy with their eyes, especially when it comes to cakes! Keep your cabinet full, fresh and colourful for faster cake sales.
  • Make that cabinet sparkle! Clean serving trays, clean shelves and clean cabinet glass help make products look fresher and more appealing.
  • Offer a wide variety. Order something chocolate, something berry and something citrus flavoured with each delivery to keep your display vibrant. Mix things up by having a variety of large cakes, brownies, cookies, tarts and individuals to appeal to all appetites.
  • Stick to the recommended retail price when selling. We know you will make money when we set these prices. Prices which are too high or too low can make your customers think twice about returning.

Use our cake display cards for each product. Homemade Bliss™ is a trusted brand & the allergen information is easily seen on the display cards. Login into your wholesale access area to download your printable cake cards.

Our cakes are handcrafted with pride and love. We use the finest quality local ingredients and carefully formulate all our recipes. Because of this our products can be displayed in a refrigerated cake cabinet, looking and tasting amazing, for 7 days.

If your café is located outside our regular logistics area the freezer is your best friend. When you seal our products in airtight packaging or containers our products will freeze perfectly for up to 6 months. For thawing tips read on.

Our cakes really are one of a kind! You don’t need to wrap or remove them from your refrigerated display cabinet overnight.

If your Homemade Bliss™ products arrive to you freshly baked, they can be frozen. We recommend wrapping your boxes so they are airtight & freezing them immediately on delivery. Have your products arrived frozen? No problem, they are fully sealed. Pop them in the freezer until you are ready to use.

Thawing should take place in a fridge or cool room at a temperature of 0-4 degrees Celsius. Thawing times will vary depending on the product. See below for estimated times:

  • Whole cakes: 10 hours
  • Brownies and slices: 5 hours
  • Individuals cakes and tarts: approx. 2 hours

Our large cakes are portioned to 16 slices. We recommend cutting with a clean sharp knife & cleaning the blade between each cut.

Cut with confidence! It’s easier than you think.

Many of our customers charge a little extra for plating up with coulis and cream.

When it comes to Homemade Bliss™ products, it’s important to remember allergens. No-one wants a Vegan cake served up with dairy cream!

Stuck for ideas about how to plate our products? Shoot us an email, we’d love to help with some great tips which will set you apart and make your customers love you.

When you buy a Homemade Bliss™ product you can be comfortable knowing we take our duty of care to those with special dietary needs very seriously.

Our team of qualified Pastry Chefs are committed to the highest food safety and hygiene practices. Our facility is licensed and operates 100% Gluten Free.

Our cake boxes arrive to you fully sealed. We have a fabulous QR code on all of our labels and when scanned, will give you a product picture, servings per box, a full panel of nutrition information including allergens and the percentage of Australian ingredients used.

Products with different allergen requirements are produced in separate areas of our premises to ensure no cross contamination is present. We maintain very strict cleaning and ingredient storage processes and have invested in independent laboratory testing to ensure our products are free from gluten.

For quick reference to allergens when viewing our product range we have created these icons:

*Please note our products may contain trace amounts of soy, nuts or sesame seeds due to ingredient packaging.

Our boxes are clearly marked with each ingredient & nutrition information.

Should you require more detail, we will happily provide you with an allergen cross reference ‘cheat sheet’ to have on hand for the most discerning customer.

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