GF Lemon Crème Pies Box of 4 ***PICK UP ONLY***

GF Lemon Crème Pies Box of 4 ***PICK UP ONLY***


These are Keto, we couldn’t add it to the heading as Instagram won’t allow the product link to be displayed! Our GF Lemon Crème Pies are sugar free and delicious. With only 4.1g of carbs per serve, the creamy lemon filling is perfectly tart and sits in our beautiful coconut pastry topped with whipped cream. These are the perfect guilt free gift or afternoon treat locked in the cupboard away from the kids! The HB ladies all recommend adding extra whipped cream because, YOLO!! These treats come with an addiction warning and a nutrition label so you can properly count your macros.

Size: 4 single serves. We recommend at least one in each hand.

Shelf life: These tarts are best consumed within 5 days. Please keep refrigerated. This product can be frozen air-tight for up to 2 months

Please note: Local delivery is not available for this product.

Pick Up Only
Collection Warana warehouse Mon-Thurs 7am-2pm

Allergens Gluten Free, Sugar Free

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